We learned a lot about solar and other alternative power sources during the hurricane Maria in Sept of 2017.  We are proud to offer a low cost vacation for those who would like to try going "off the grid" :


   After Hurricane Maria, we learned a lot about alternative energy (solar, wind, thermal, etc).  We had always meant to learn more, but the hurricane propelled us into high gear, and the good news is that WE LIKE alternative energy living!!  It feels good for us to use our solar panels, and our solar lights, and to purchase only rechargeable batteries so that they may be recharged by solar power.  We adjusted and made some carefully researched purchases of propane grills, super fast phone and tablet chargers, that are powered by solar energy.  We lived for 5 and a half months without electricity and we actually became very good at having everything we needed!  Many of the guests who came and stayed with us had a wonderful time (read their reviews )  and said they really enjoyed the experience and discovered that Solar living wasn't too bad at all!

  IF YOU THINK YOU''d LIKE TO TRY our "OFF the GRID Solar Living":

  We invite you to read the description and see if this is a vacation for you!  It's certainly not for everyone-  and there is no pressure at all to try this.  But for those brave minded or adventurous, curious people-  this is a short term method to learn what it feels like to live without municipal electricity.  

YOU WILL SAVE MONEY!  Because our electricity here on Vieques is very expensive, you will receive a much lower price tag for your stay at Coco Loco.  There is a 25% discount for all of our guests who choose to stay with us and live in our apartments with no electricity.  Just power from the sun, battery, or propane.  To consider this style of vacationing, here is a brief description:

   Every morning, when you get up, you will collect the solar lights from the different rooms in your apartment. We give you a basket to put them in, and you put the basket outside in the sun.   If you need to charge your cell phones, we give you fast "Mophie" brand chargers that will charge 4 to 6 cell phones. When the Mophie charger runs out of power, just bring it to us (downstairs) and we will trade you for a fully powered Mophie.  You will be able to cook on a 2 burner grill, with frying pans, or pots and pans. You will receive a large cooler to use for keeping things cold.  We give you battery operated fans to keep the breeze going.  This is a great vacation for people who like to get out and enjoy the outdoors!

What you give up:  Please be aware that you will NOT have:

a refrigerator



If you think you would like to have a SUPER SOLAR vacation:  let us know, and we will give you the SUPER LOW DISCOUNT PRICE which is going to be a 25% discount!  Or email us with questions, if you like!


Ofrecemos la oportunidad de ahorrar dinero , con utilizar energia solar, y el precio tiene un descuento de 25%!

Con esta oportunidad:

Proveemos luces solares, abanicos de poder de bateria, unos cargadores para telefonos y tabletas, una estufa de 2 ollas de propana, y una neverita de playa grande para las cosas frias.  

Es importante saber,  que NO TENDRAN:

una nevera grande de electricidad

Aire acondicionados