AFTER HURRICANE MARIA SPECIALS!   Yes, the hurricane swept through and just destroyed our island on Sept 20, 2017.  But we are rebuilding, remodeling, cleaning, and in many ways, making our beautiful island even better!!

It is still in a "rough" condition.  But vastly better than the first three weeks!  We have NO electricity.  But most of us now have generators, and many businesses have reopened, with several more opening each week!  The Coco Loco Guesthouse is open. We have A GENERATOR, water, (and a cistern, just in case), we have cell phone service most days, and internet service most days.  This situation of irregularity will continue to get better. (it has already gotten better as time goes on).

       The Coco Loco Guesthouse provides electricity for a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening.  (you can choose the hours).  Most people are out and about for the rest of the day. For this inconvenience, we are charging HALF PRICE!  See below.  WE STRONGLY HOPE that you will VOLUNTEER, for about an hour and a half each day.  This will speed up the recovery of our island, and we are so grateful for the help!  (see suggested volunteer opportunities on our Volunteer page, but you are welcome to suggest your own ideas)

HURRICANE MARIA PRICES  (will last until the island of Vieques gets municipal electricity back. Estimated June 2018... who knows...

Casita:  only $48 per night

1 Bedroom Apt:  only $68 per night

2 Bedroom Apt:  only $88 per night

if you stay for more than one night, there are additional discounts.

AND- stay for a week, and save even more! ask us about the weekly discounts.


En el mes de Septiembre y Octubre, tenemos precios rebajados:

La Casita:  $65 la noche

Apartamento de 1 Cuarto:  $93 la noche

Apartamento de 2 Cuartos:  $140 la noche

Si se queda por mas de una noche, hay descuentos adicionales!

Y-  con una estadia de una semana, se ahorra mas aun!  Preguntanos de los descuentos!