If you like dogs, and don't mind getting just a little dirty (from happy paws) , join Margo (Owner of Coco Loco)  when she goes to the VIEQUES HUMANE SOCIETY to take some dogs for a walk.  Margo usually goes on Fridays, at about 9:30am for 3 hours until 1:30pm.  If you have your own vehicle, you don't need to stay there the whole time- come and go when you want! Stay and walk one dog, or two, or however many trips you want to go with the group of volunteers.  We usually make about 10 trips, with 10 groups of dogs.  Come for as many or as few trips as you prefer

   If you are here for a very short while, and can't go on a Friday morning; let Margo know, and there are other mornings that the Society allows "dog-walking".  Other Possible mornings are: Sat,  Sun,  and  Mon.  Margo enjoys taking people to meet the dogs and give them a walk.  She will try to arrange a time that is convenient for you.

  The dogs are always thrilled to take a walk.  They know the path, and they eagerly go across the field and then down to the ocean.  Some of them even take a little swim.  Each dog walks for about 10 minutes.  It's up to you, which dog you would like to walk, and how long you want to walk, and how many dogs you would like to walk.  No matter what you do, the dogs will appreciate your time!

  Si te gustan los perros, y no te molesta ponerte un poco sucio, unete con Margo (la Duena de Coco Loco) cuando visita la SOCIEDAD DE PROTECCION DE ANIMALES de VIEQUES para llevar a unos perros para caminar en el campo.  Tipicamente Margo va los viernes por la manana a las 9:30am por tres horas.  Si tienes un vehiculo, puedes llegar y salir cuando quieras.

  Si no puedes ir el viernes, habla con Margo y es posible arreglar una cita otro dia.  Las posibilidades son las mananas de los sabados, los domingos, y los lunes.  

   A los perros, les encanta pasearse con los seres humanos. Depende de ti, cuantos perros o cuantas caminatas quieres hacer.  no importa lo que haces, a los perros les gustara!

       email/ envia un email :    margocheney@gmail.com            or call  /  llama :  917-455-8951  or  8952